OTA, Interface to make easier, faster and secure the diagnostic of the electric circuits of actuators and sensors applied on the diesel fuel injection pumps.
Tests and ohmic measurements should be obtained with a multimeter, to be used in conjuction with OTA.
The measuring point are fixed, so that the operator has the hands free.
The combination of the electric contacts is obtained by easily rotating the two knobs, like a game.
Function similar to Bosch 0 986 611 929.
Training course for the use of the ERT45R simulator and the Bosch VP-VR test kit.
Training service for the use of the ERT45R Simulator with the kits for the test of BOSCH VP44/VR30 pumps.

Service features:
- The training course will take place in Italy at DETEQ headquarter
- Duration of 1 day ( 8 working hours )
- Maximum for 2 participants
- Is held in English Language
- The standard training is destined to participants already operators of diesel systems.
- Is excluded the technical instruction on the technology of the components which are object of the machine operativity. This kind of service can be provided only upon agreement with DETEQ.
-At the end of the training will be issued a frequency profit Certificate

The course includes the training provided by DETEQ Technicians, for:
- Performance features of the products
- Details and installation problems
- Methods of use
- Maintenance
- Practice with the help of DETEQ technicians. The participants will be first instructed and then followed step by step by our technical personnel for practical exercises.
MM - Multimeter
MM - Palmar multimeter for EDC tests
Completion kit for centering and driving Bosch Vp44 pumps on the digital bracket.
Digital bracket integration kit for Bosch Vp44 - Configuration for Bosch VP44.
Items included:
Hub Ø20mm with pulley
Hub Ø25mm with pulley
Test bench flange for BOSCH VP
Adapter for transfer pressure for pumps BOSCH VP
Adapter for transfer pressure for pumps BOSCH VR
Interface for RPM sensor
Kit adattatori per VTR110 su pompa VP29/30 e VP44
Adapters kit for VTR110 on pump VP29/30 and VP44
Kit per test elettrico in condizioni statiche del sensore RPM pompe VP con OTA
Kit for the electric test in static conditions of the rpm sensor on VP pumps with OTA
Pipe covered by rubber
Steel Test Piping (ØE 6 ≠1,85 l=450mm) M12x1,5/14x1,5 common rail application. Covered with rubber for pumps VR
Pipe covered by rubber
Steel Test Piping (ØE 6 ≠1,85 l=600mm) M14x1,5/14x1,5 common rail application. Covered with rubber
ERT45R programming kit to test the rotary Bosch VP44-VR30 pumps.
The kit includes:
- Programming card that allows Simulator ERT45R to actuate the necessary functions to test this type of pump.
- basic cable (2 mt. Length)
- adapter cables
- servicing manual with step-by-step illustrated instructions
- Registration form to receive the test plan for the calibration of Bosch VP44/VR30 pumps. The available
test data are supplied separately free of charge, after having accepted the licence agreement.
Centering mounting bracket, equipped with an electronic angular reader (resolution 0,01°).
This device is necessary to make any test bench compatible for the essential requirements of controlling the digitally controlled pumps (Bosch VP44-VR30, Delphi DP210 and Epic, Denso ECD-V3/V4/V5).
Furthermore, the special coupling system (bench side) is provided in order that once the adjustiment of the pump timing is done, no rotation is necessary for the removal of the pump from the test bench.
The bracket is suitable to be installed on any test bench having center of the rotation axel at 125 mm from the base. In other cases, specific spacers are available.
Simulator ERT45R
ERT45R, the revolutionary electronic simulator for testing the electronically controlleddiesel injection pumps (both common rail and conventional).
The development of such a tool is the result of many years of research that have allowed the creation of a single universal device, programmable by smartcard (microchip cards). In this way, the field of application of the simulator (basic unit) is built to match the current needs.
The initial investment is preserved and at any time can be extended, choosing from the available programming kits (currently 21). Any programming kit includes:
- programming card (software)
- instruction manual with step-by-step illustrations.
- base cable (s) (length 2 m)
- adapter cable (s) depending on the type of connector on the pumps.
In order to use ERT45R, at least one programming kit is mandatory.
VTR110, digital thermometer and quick cooling device on rotary pumps.
The device has a double function: not only to measure the fuel temperature at the outlet of the pump, but also it incorporates a lever valve by which it is possible to exclude the control valve on the pump and speed up the fuel cooling.