TP03 test instrument for detection of pressure peaks and leakage.
TP03 is a digital manometer up to 1500 BAR equipped with memory, to display the peak pressure as well as the effective pressure.
Furthermore, TP03 calculates the leakage time, that is the necessary time to pass from an higer level of pressure to a lower one (both limits are programmable).
For these features TP03 is the most appropriate electronic instrument to be used in conjunction with an injector tester, to automatically relief the Nozzle Onpening Pressure (NOP) of the conventional diesel fuel injectors, as well as NOP1 NOP2 of the 2-stage (double spring) injectors.
By a T connection (M14x1,5), the pressure sensor is insterted into the hydraulic circuit (on the pop tester, between the outlet from the pump and the injector). TP03 is an add-on to any hand operated injector tester and doesn't enahce the hydraulic performances of the injector tester.
When connected directly on vehicle, the TP03 can also be used to test the pressure and detect leakages in Common-rail systems.
SP02 printer is the optional extra (to be ordered separately) in order to print the test report, with company details.
24 months warranty.
DIT31 - Test bench for diesel injectors.
The test bench DIT31 is a modular solution to test the common rail injectors (the additional TC38 triggering unit is required) as well as the conventional and 2 stage (double spring) diesel injectors.
The applied technology allows the test parameters to be determined reliably on each injection, with greater precision and resolution than using on average long test cycles to collect a measurable quantity of fuel.

Main features:
- Main tank 3 lt. with 15 micron filter
- Separated container for the collection of the contaminated liquid
- Large atomization chamber with smoke extraction and halogen lamp
- Pneumatic operated pump unit, the standard version is suitable up to 1400 BAR (compressed air 8-10 BAR is required). Special versions can be installed as optional to generate more pressure and flow.
- Pneumatic vice for the automatic clamping of the injector
- Digital manometer with the reading scale selection (BAR/PSI)
- Printer to generate the test report
- Program for conventional injectors: (1) measurement of the NOP (nozzle opening pressure) and calculation of the back-leakage time.
- Program for Double-spring injectors: (2) measurement of the NOP1 (1st stage) and NOP2 (2nd stage), calculation of the back-leakage time and determination of the K factor.
- 2 programs for common rail injectors: (3) identification of the return flow (leakage time), (4) of the opening delay, the injection time and the injected fuel quantity (dp).
- 24 months warranty. User's and servicing manual in English language.
Training on ERT45R (application Denso V3/V4/V5).
Training service for the use of the ERT45R Simulator with the kits for the test of DENSO ECD-V3/V4 & DENSO ECD-V5 pumps. This is not a full training concerning the complete overhault of this pump.
The matters of this training are the following:
- Performance features of the products
- Details and installation problems
- Methods of use
- Maintenance
- Practice with the help of DETEQ technicians. The participants will be first instructed and then followed step by step by our technical personnel for practical exercises.
- Location: in Italy at DETEQ headquarter
- Duration: 1 day (8 working hours)
- Maximum number of attenders: 2 diesel specialists having skills on this type of pump
- Is held in English Language
- Individual Certificate of Training is delivered.
OTA, Interface to make easier, faster and secure the diagnostic of the electric circuits of actuators and sensors applied on the diesel fuel injection pumps.
Tests and ohmic measurements should be obtained with a multimeter, to be used in conjuction with OTA.
The measuring point are fixed, so that the operator has the hands free.
The combination of the electric contacts is obtained by easily rotating the two knobs, like a game.
Function similar to Bosch 0 986 611 929.