TC38 - Triggering unit for common-rail injectors
TC38 - Injector triggering unit for common-rail injectors.
This unit has been developed as a module, to be used in two main applications:
- in conjunction with the DIT31 test bench, to test any common rail injector
- in conjunction with the ERT45R simulator, to make running the complete common rail system (pump+rail+injectors) on any test bench.
Main features:
- Triggering command for electromagnetic actuators (always provided)
- Triggering command for piezoelectric actuators (provided as optional, by the CRP extension)
- Ready to multiple injection technology (pre-injection, main injection, recovery injection)
- no manual adjustment is required, in fact all the parameters necessary to generate the appropriate pulse(s) are memorized in special smartcards (triggering cards)
- Basic triggering cards are provided to acquire the test parameters of any brand new injector. These figures can be used to compare the test results of injectors having the same part number.
- In addition to the basic triggering cards, specific triggering cards (complete with ready-to-use test data) are available for the some of Bosch, Delphi, and Denso injectors.
- when used with ERT45R simulator, the RPM input is available for the dynamic triggering till 4 injectors, automatically in specific way at different speeds. Multiples of additional 4 injectors can be added, as option.
- 24 months warranty. User's and servicing manual.
DAR25 electronic instrument.
Electronic advance reader, for the digital measurement of the diesel injection timing adjustment.
Provided complete with
- basic cable
- power cable
- advance reading sensor
- adapter for CAV DPA-DPC-DPC/N pumps
- adapter for Bosch VE pumps
- adapter for CAV DP200 pumps
- adapter for CAV DPS pumps
VTR110, digital thermometer and quick cooling device on rotary pumps.
The device has a double function: not only to measure the fuel temperature at the outlet of the pump, but also it incorporates a lever valve by which it is possible to exclude the control valve on the pump and speed up the fuel cooling.