Add-on kit for DIT31, application for Bosch Piezo electric common rail injectors.
Add-on device to be applied to DIT31 test bench, to maintain the pressure in the injector's body before and during the test of Common rail Bosch injectors with piezoelectric actuator.
Piezo extension for TC38
Extension CRP (common rail piezoelectric injectors) for TC38.
- It allows to maintain unchanged the test procedure, extending the application field to the most recent injectors provided of piezoelectric actuator (at present Siemens and Bosch).
- Besides the basic programming card, for piezoelectric actuators (to be used for the manual acquisition ofthe test parameters), we supply a collection of programmed command cards with test data for the main Siemens injectors.

*****The use of the adapter cable 87.31.006 is required