DIT31 - Test bench for diesel injectors.
The test bench DIT31 is a modular solution to test the common rail injectors (the additional TC38 triggering unit is required) as well as the conventional and 2 stage (double spring) diesel injectors.
The applied technology allows the test parameters to be determined reliably on each injection, with greater precision and resolution than using on average long test cycles to collect a measurable quantity of fuel.

Main features:
- Main tank 3 lt. with 15 micron filter
- Separated container for the collection of the contaminated liquid
- Large atomization chamber with smoke extraction and halogen lamp
- Pneumatic operated pump unit, the standard version is suitable up to 1400 BAR (compressed air 8-10 BAR is required). Special versions can be installed as optional to generate more pressure and flow.
- Pneumatic vice for the automatic clamping of the injector
- Digital manometer with the reading scale selection (BAR/PSI)
- Printer to generate the test report
- Program for conventional injectors: (1) measurement of the NOP (nozzle opening pressure) and calculation of the back-leakage time.
- Program for Double-spring injectors: (2) measurement of the NOP1 (1st stage) and NOP2 (2nd stage), calculation of the back-leakage time and determination of the K factor.
- 2 programs for common rail injectors: (3) identification of the return flow (leakage time), (4) of the opening delay, the injection time and the injected fuel quantity (dp).
- 24 months warranty. User's and servicing manual in English language.
TC38 - Triggering unit for common-rail injectors
TC38 - Injector triggering unit for common-rail injectors.
This unit has been developed as a module, to be used in two main applications:
- in conjunction with the DIT31 test bench, to test any common rail injector
- in conjunction with the ERT45R simulator, to make running the complete common rail system (pump+rail+injectors) on any test bench.
Main features:
- Triggering command for electromagnetic actuators (always provided)
- Triggering command for piezoelectric actuators (provided as optional, by the CRP extension)
- Ready to multiple injection technology (pre-injection, main injection, recovery injection)
- no manual adjustment is required, in fact all the parameters necessary to generate the appropriate pulse(s) are memorized in special smartcards (triggering cards)
- Basic triggering cards are provided to acquire the test parameters of any brand new injector. These figures can be used to compare the test results of injectors having the same part number.
- In addition to the basic triggering cards, specific triggering cards (complete with ready-to-use test data) are available for the some of Bosch, Delphi, and Denso injectors.
- when used with ERT45R simulator, the RPM input is available for the dynamic triggering till 4 injectors, automatically in specific way at different speeds. Multiples of additional 4 injectors can be added, as option.
- 24 months warranty. User's and servicing manual.
Training course for the use of DIT31&TC38 Injector tester for the testing of traditional, double spring and common rail injectors ( equipped with electromagnetic and piezoelectric actuator ).
Training course for the use of DIT31&TC38 Injector tester for the testing of traditional, double spring and common rail injectors ( equipped with electromagnetic and piezoelectric actuator ).

Service features:

- The training course will take place in Italy at DETEQ headquarter
- Duration of 1 day ( 8 working hours )
- Maximum for 2 participants
- Is held in English Language
- The standard training is destined to participants already operators of diesel systems.
- Is excluded the technical instruction on the technology of the components which are object of the machine operativity. This kind of service can be provided only upon agreement with DETEQ.
-At the end of the training will be issued a frequency profit Certificate

The course includes the training provided by DETEQ Technicians, for:
- Performance features of the products
- Details and installation problems
- Methods of use
- Maintenance
- Practice with the help of DETEQ technicians. The participants will be first instructed and then followed step by step by our technical personnel for practical exercises.
Mercedes VW cable
Delphi cable on Mercedes and VW
Denso cable
Cable for Denso common rail injectors 2 poles
Add-on kit for DIT31, application for Bosch Piezo electric common rail injectors.
Add-on device to be applied to DIT31 test bench, to maintain the pressure in the injector's body before and during the test of Common rail Bosch injectors with piezoelectric actuator.
Piezo extension for TC38
Extension CRP (common rail piezoelectric injectors) for TC38.
- It allows to maintain unchanged the test procedure, extending the application field to the most recent injectors provided of piezoelectric actuator (at present Siemens and Bosch).
- Besides the basic programming card, for piezoelectric actuators (to be used for the manual acquisition ofthe test parameters), we supply a collection of programmed command cards with test data for the main Siemens injectors.

*****The use of the adapter cable 87.31.006 is required
Toyota cable
Cable for Denso common rail injectors, 4 poles on Toyota
Mercedes cable
Cable for Bosch common-rail injectors with electromagnetic actuator applied on Mercedes vehicles and also for common rail injectors with piezoelectric actuators.
DIT31 fuel filter (15 micron)