ERT45R programming kit to test Zexel Covec-F1/F2 rotary pumps.
The kit includes:
- Programming card that allows Simulator ERT45R to actuate the necessary functions to test this type of pump.
- basic cable (2 mt. Length)
- adapter cables 81.06.231 (Nissan TD27, CD20), 81.06.234 (Isuzu 4JG2), 81.06.235 (Hyundai-Mitsubishi, 81.06.236 (MAZDA) are included
- servicing manual with step-by-step illustrated instructions
- test data to calibrate some of the pumps which can be plugged to the adapter cables 81.06.231, 81.06.234, 81.06.235
Simulator ERT45R
ERT45R, the revolutionary electronic simulator for testing the electronically controlleddiesel injection pumps (both common rail and conventional).
The development of such a tool is the result of many years of research that have allowed the creation of a single universal device, programmable by smartcard (microchip cards). In this way, the field of application of the simulator (basic unit) is built to match the current needs.
The initial investment is preserved and at any time can be extended, choosing from the available programming kits (currently 21). Any programming kit includes:
- programming card (software)
- instruction manual with step-by-step illustrations.
- base cable (s) (length 2 m)
- adapter cable (s) depending on the type of connector on the pumps.
In order to use ERT45R, at least one programming kit is mandatory.