ALI15 - Power supply for pump H
Stabilised adjustable power supplier for electronic actuator test and adjustment applied on Bosch H in-line pumps.

- Output voltage: 0÷15 Vcc;
- Output current: 0÷20 Amp;
- Power in continuous service at the maximum voltage: 12 Amp;
- Input voltage: 230 Vca - 50 Hz
OTA, Interface to make easier, faster and secure the diagnostic of the electric circuits of actuators and sensors applied on the diesel fuel injection pumps.
Tests and ohmic measurements should be obtained with a multimeter, to be used in conjuction with OTA.
The measuring point are fixed, so that the operator has the hands free.
The combination of the electric contacts is obtained by easily rotating the two knobs, like a game.
Function similar to Bosch 0 986 611 929.
MM - Multimeter
MM - Palmar multimeter for EDC tests