Installation tools kit for flanged c/rail pumps DENSO HP0 and BOSCH CP2
Set of tools for the installation of the test bench for industrial pumps: C/rail DENSO HP0 NE SENSOR flanged pump (094000-0342) and BOSCH C/rail CP2 pumps.
Universal Test Bench crandle
Sensor holder
Coupling with reference notch cone 30
Universal mounting flange complete with O-ring
Universal hydraulic connections for heavy duty common rail pumps.
Items included:
- Backflow by-pass set for CP2/HP0 pumps(**)
- Test pipes with propers adapters fittings for CP2/HP0 pumps
- External flowmeter for common-rail Hevy-Duty pumps

(**) This item is strictly required as the feeding capacity of the test bench's pump is not enough to ensure the correct feeding of low pressure (440 liters / hour)
Lubrication fittings
Set of fittings for connections with test bench equipped with the lubrication system.
Training service for BOSCH CP2 application
Training service for the use of the ERT45R Simulator with the kits for the test of Common rail BOSCH CP2 pumps .This is not a full training concerning the complete overhault of this pump.
The matters of this training are the following:
- Performance features of the products
- Details and installation problems
- Methods of use
- Maintenance
- Practice with the help of DETEQ technicians. The participants will be first instructed and then followed step by step by our technical personnel for practical exercises.
- Location: in Italy at DETEQ headquarter
- Duration: 1 day (8 working hours)
- Maximum number of attenders: 2 diesel specialists having skills on this type of pump
- Is held in English Language
- Individual Certificate of Training is delivered.
Integration kit for 8217 lubrication unit on CP2 pumps
Lubrification connections for CP2 pumps > lube
Set of hydraulic connections for BOSCH CP2 pumps
Set of hydraulic connections for BOSCH CP2 pumps. Items included:
Holder adapter for overflow valve and pipe connections for transfer pressure without manometer.
Cable for camshaft pulse control of pumps BOSCH CP2
Test injector ref. 1 688 901 105
High pressure pipes for BOSCH CP2 application
Set of pipes of connections for BOSCH CP2 application
FL400/A. Flow-meter (automotive and industrial applications).
The selector allows to easely select between the following piping lines:
- the fuel quantity at the pump outlet (to the pressure accumulator)
- the fuel quantity to the tank (leakage and others)
The flow value is available on the screen of the ERT45R control unit.
Low pressure pipes are included.
The kit includes:
- program card to allow the ERT45R Simulator to actuate the necessary functions to test this type of pumps
- Adapter cable
- Illustrated step-by-step instructions manual
Testing accumulator
Test accumulator for fixing the pressure control valve of the common-rail pumps. This kit is supplied with:
- a pressure control valve (ref. BH 0 281 002 500)
- a pressure sensor up to 1500 BAR
- a temperature sensor up to 110 °C
- n. 5 high pressure steel pipes up to 2000 BAR.
Simulator ERT45R
ERT45R, the revolutionary electronic simulator for testing the electronically controlleddiesel injection pumps (both common rail and conventional).
The development of such a tool is the result of many years of research that have allowed the creation of a single universal device, programmable by smartcard (microchip cards). In this way, the field of application of the simulator (basic unit) is built to match the current needs.
The initial investment is preserved and at any time can be extended, choosing from the available programming kits (currently 21). Any programming kit includes:
- programming card (software)
- instruction manual with step-by-step illustrations.
- base cable (s) (length 2 m)
- adapter cable (s) depending on the type of connector on the pumps.
In order to use ERT45R, at least one programming kit is mandatory.