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I just want to buy the ring only, not the press.

A customer has recently expressed interest in purchasing the forming kits and the special ring only, but not the press.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our Marbed 9376-DK1 product. We appreciate your inquiry about purchasing specific components from the image.

The 9376-DK1 is a modular system designed to form the nipple on high-pressure pipes. It's important to note that while we fully support assisting customers with spare parts, in this instance, the individual parts of the 9376-D press are not available for separate purchase.

This is because each forming kit (9376-DP6, 9376-DP8, 9376-DP6CR) is specifically developed to operate with the 9376-D press. The ring necessary to hold the two half-shells together, which embrace the pipe and act as a plier, is not supplied with the kit.

While we understand you already have a press and are interested in acquiring the additional components, these parts are designed to work specifically with the 9376-D press and may not function as intended with a different press.

We are here to ensure you get the most out of our products, so we recommend considering the complete Marbed 9376-DK1 kit for optimal performance and results.