Testing C6.6/C4.4 common rail CAT pumps on any test bench
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Testing C6.6/C4.4 common rail CAT pumps on any test bench
Massimiliano Gandini (Max)

The Caterpillar C6.6 and C4.4 common rail pumps

They are powerful and efficient diesel engine pumps designed for construction, agriculture, or mining applications on powering generators, heavy-duty machinery, pumps, and compressors.

High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel Systems with full electronic injection improve precision and control that boost performance and reduce pollution for the C4.4 ACERT, C6.6 ACERT, C7.1 ACERT, and C9.3 ACERT.

The diesel injection aftermarket background

As diesel engine technology continues to progress, so do the regulations surrounding consumption and pollution. Each diesel injection pump manufacturer must meet these strict standards, which has led to an extensive variety of proprietary electronically controlled pump types, in progressive evolution, that the diesel fuel injection specialists must now be familiar with and able to test, to keep up with industry demands.  

Usually, this is achieved through control units properly designed to operate on specific pump models. However, It can be a frustrating and challenging task to manage a relevant quantity of equipment, all different from each other, not to mention the significant amount of time and effort required to learn how to use each control unit.

Luckily, an alternative exists!

Deteq's vision: the ERT45R system

Injectionpower Srl is an independent player providing repair technologies for the diesel fuel injection industry.

Since 1990 Deteq has been the acronym for Diesel and Electrical Test Equipment and today it is one of the company's brands. DETEQ is committed to designing innovative test equipment that helps diesel fuel injection specialists get the most out of their after sales services, through high quality measuring and control devices, designed and made in Italy.

Introducing DETEQ ERT45R by InjectionPower, the ultimate solution to testing not only Caterpillar C6.6 and C4.4 common rail diesel fuel injection pumps (and not only these) on your existing test bench, already in use at any diesel service!

This system is engineered to focus on the electronic control unit (simulator), which is fully equipped with all the necessary electronic components providing flexibility and adaptability, while its smartcard programming allows for seamless switching among different diesel fuel injection pump types.

This approach gets modularity, simplicity of use, providing flexibility, and cost savings.

The purpose of the control unit is to simulate the functions operated by the central unit installed on the engine, by controlling the actuators and getting data from the available sensors, while the test bench is necessary to drive the pump and for its hydraulic management.

With each specific smartcard, the operator can easily switch between different diesel fuel injection pumps with no need to purchase further control units. In fact, at this moment, ERT45R is the unique control unit that can be applied to over than 20 different diesel pump technologies. This approach provides modularity, simplicity of use, flexibility and cost savings.

After having read the programming card, the intuitive and easy to use user interface of the ERT45R control unit for CAT C6.6 diesel pump provides the below detailed features, making it an indispensable tool for diesel fuel injection specialists and technicians.

The user interface of ERT45R control unit for CAT C6.6 diesel pump is user-friendly and easy to use. The LCD display is organised into eight areas where the operator can monitor and control various aspects of the pump's performance.

The operator is assisted during operations by the legend reminding the function keys, while the informative bar displays important information that is relevant to specific cases.

With DETEQ ERT45R, the diesel specialist saves time, and money while keeping his customers’ vehicles running efficiently while meeting the latest regulations.

Overhauling your fuel injection pumps has never been easier!

Injection control (5)

The injection control allows the operator to set the parameters to generate the injection pulse with respect to the cam profile. This is done using the parameters T3 and T4, which represent the angle and duration respectively, in hexadecimal values. The 0 value stands that the injection is generated for all cams.

Camshaft Wearness Control (6)

The applied technology allows referencing of the injection pulse, broken down into the two parameters described above,  to any of the cams of the pump shaft, (using the - and + keys). This is very important, to analyze the flow rate diagram, but mainly to check the camshaft weariness state.

With ERT45R control unit, high accuracy, and resolution are available, in a very easy way to operate.

Pressure control (4)

The operator can set a specific level of pressure, while the actual pressure generated by the pump is eventually corrected by the pressure regulating valve, in closed loop control.

The required power consumption is constantly monitored.

Flow control (7)

the flow section, the operator can monitor the instant flow in lt/h as selected on FL400 (line to the rail or the return line).

Pump speed sensor (3)

constantly monitors the RPM sensor installed on the pump to verify correspondence with the test bench indication.

digital verification of the gear wheel in the pump,

Pump timing (2)

is obtained with the reference on the joint and the external sensor

Memory function

During a complete test, the operator must recreate particular working conditions which could also be repeated several times; in particular the pressure level and the injection control mode.

The memory page of the ERT45R control unit for the CAT C6.6 diesel pump is essential to reduce the duration of the test process.

In fact, allowing quick and easy access to previously saved test settings, the ERT45R control unit greatly improves the efficiency of the test process, thanks to 5 memories.

System components

 1. Control unit (simulator)

Electronic control unit, to simulate the functions operated by the central unit installed on the engine, controlling the actuators and getting data from the available sensors.

The control unit designed for universal applications is equipped with:

  • smartcard reader for the easy programming of the unit.
  • a wide monochromatic LCD display, to provide a specific interface for each type of pump.
  • four programmable function keys: "F1", "F2", "F3", "F4" each tailored to suit the specific operation for each type of pump.
  • four logic function keys: an "Enter" key to confirm, an up (+) and down (-) key to modify settings, and a "Select" key to move across the available options.

Over the years the range of applications has been constantly expanded, thanks to the enormous investments in research and development, with a view to continuous product improvement.

Furthermore, the range is constantly evolving thanks to Deteq engineers who guarantee the portability of the new solutions obtained also on ERT45R control units produced before future evolutions.

To date, the applications available are grouped into 3 macro categories:

  • Analog controlled pumps
  • Digitally controlled pumps
  • Common rail pumps

covering 22 different combinations between manufacturer and technology. A unique result in the world.

 2. "CAT cr" programming kit

"CAT cr" programming kit: smartcard for activating the previously described features, basic cable(s), pump harness(es), instruction manual and test data (if available)

 3. FL400 flowmeter

FL400 is the specialized add-on module that allows the control unit to inform the operator of the fuel flow (lt/h) on the control unit display. By means of the adjustable handle the operator can switch between two lines:

  • the fuel flow that the pump delivers to the testing accumulator
  • the quantity of fuel discharged by the pressure control valve.

The fuel lines are connected using quick release fittings, making it easy to disconnect and reconnect them when necessary.

 4. Test accumulator

The test accumulator is the specialized add-on module which, independently of the test bench, includes a pressure control valve and sensor at pressures up to 1500 BAR. It also comes complete with a fuel thermometer to highlight possible temperature extremes.

Due to the considerable flow rates involved, the standard regulator included in 87.11.030A (used for other common rail pumps), must be replaced with 87.11.167

In addition, the accumulator includes a built-in relief valve that protects personnel and equipment from overpressure.

 5. Pump fixing and 6. driving

The special mounting flange is designed to secure the pump to the test stand and has been specially manufactured for this purpose.

Centering on axis is ensured by the standard cradle, which is not included in the supply as it is normally already in use. However, if it is not present, it must be purchased separately.

The design of the flange and the special joint (included) ensures that the pump remains lubricated during the test. When the test stand is not equipped with this function, it is necessary to use an external lubrication unit (see optional)

Fittings are also supplied with the flange so that it can be easily connected to the external lube unit.

 7. Hydraulic connection kit

The hydraulic connection kit includes low and high pressure pipes.

 External lubrication unit (optional)

The external lube unit is an add-on module designed to preserve the Caterpillar C6.6 pump mechanics during testing.

This device is equipped with an integrated tank for lubricating oil.

The integrated pump allows efficient delivery of lubricating oil to all necessary areas, ensuring that all components are fully lubricated and ready for operation.

Requires 230V AC power supply

 Training course (recommended)

The test equipment is supplied with a step-by-step illustrated manual to support the operator during all operations.

In any case, the option to attend a specific training course designed to help operators gain the skills needed to make the most out of their equipment, is available at InjectionPower premises.

The session is individual, with a maximum of three participants per company, and dates can be agreed upon on demand.

Through hands-on activities and interactive instruction, attendees are given the opportunity to practice what they have learned in a real work environment.

This course covers all aspects of the system's operation, from initial setup to advanced troubleshooting.

At the end of the course, each attendee be able to confidently operate Caterpillar C6.6 pumps with confidence and will receive a frequency certificate to add to their curriculum.

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Testing C6.6/C4.4 common rail CAT pumps on any test bench
Massimiliano Gandini (Max) 15 May, 2023
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