TP03 test instrument for detection of pressure peaks and leakage.

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TP03 is a digital manometer up to 1500 BAR equipped with memory, to display the peak pressure as well as the effective pressure.
Furthermore, TP03 calculates the leakage time, that is the necessary time to pass from an higer level of pressure to a lower one (both limits are programmable).
For these features TP03 is the most appropriate electronic instrument to be used in conjunction with an injector tester, to automatically relief the Nozzle Onpening Pressure (NOP) of the conventional diesel fuel injectors, as well as NOP1 NOP2 of the 2-stage (double spring) injectors.
By a T connection (M14x1,5), the pressure sensor is insterted into the hydraulic circuit (on the pop tester, between the outlet from the pump and the injector). TP03 is an add-on to any hand operated injector tester and doesn't enahce the hydraulic performances of the injector tester.
When connected directly on vehicle, the TP03 can also be used to test the pressure and detect leakages in Common-rail systems.
SP02 printer is the optional extra (to be ordered separately) in order to print the test report, with company details.
24 months warranty.