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1. for diesel fuel injection pumps copyright DETE Q ® s.r.l. 2006 © - all rights reserved exclusive DETEQ Srl - Via industriale, 16 - 25027 Quinzano d'Oglio (Brescia) - Italy info@deteq.com - Tel. +39 030 9923167 - Fax +39 030 9924357 - www.deteq.com SPP TEST BENCHES 8 cylinders SPP208 (5.5 kW) SPP308 (7.5 kW) SPP208S (9.2 kW) 12 c y linder s SPP212 (5.5 kW) SPP312 (7.5 kW) SPP312S (11 kW) ISO 4008/1 and ISO 4008/2 compliant Easy to use Free maintenance Very high stability Low noise 200% of the rated output for 3 min. Safety for the user

4. SPP TEST BENCHES for diesel fuel injection pumps D I G ITAL MEA SU RIN G S Y S TEM U P G RAD E S PARE PART S AND A CC E SSO RIE S TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS: The wide ran g e of these accessories includes : - test injectors (accor d ing ISO 4010, 7440, 14681) - steel test pipes ( according ISO 4093 ) rubber covere d - brackets and flan g es in cast iron - holder for test injectors with flexible pipes ( when short test pipes are required ) - calibration liquid ( according ISO 4113 ) - calibration li q uid filter - g raduated test tubes The test stand is the centre of the diesel worksho p ; an y wa y , for correctl y handlin g , mountin g an d d ismountin g t h e com p onents o f t h e d i ff erent in j ection s y stems, a wi d e and com p lete ran g e of p ro p er tools is available on the market . On Customer's indications and ex p erienced verifications, In j ectionPower en g ineers have selected MARBED tools as the best worldwide. This is the reason wh y , with an SPP test stand, a co py of the catalo g ue, with ver y clear and technical p ictures, illustratin g the wide range of diesel tools , is included . SPP test stands are basic machines, suitable for all standard a pp lications. When savin g of time and improving the resolution of the measure are really considered strategic features, DVR200 is the proper instrument to be used with, in order to obtain these functions in the simplest and most efficient way. It is a p ortable universal electronic instrument, applicable on any test stand, allowing the continuous and immediate measure of the delivery. DVR200/P adds the p ossibilit y to p rint out the test re p ort of the effected calibration. SPPx08 Dimensions: cm 142 x 66 x 185h - net weight: kg. 650 SPPx12 Dimensions: cm 162 x 66 x 187h - net weight: kg. 700 Packaging for transport by sea (wooden case) Dimensions: cm 200 x 100 x 190h - net weight: kg. 400 Packaging for other transport (wooden crate) Dimensions: cm 200 x 100 x 190h - net weight: kg. 200 TE S TIN G THE ELE C TR O NI C ALLY CO NTR O LLED INJE C TI O N P U MP S The latest electronicall y controlled in j ection p um p s are fundamentall y similar to the p revious mechanical models: their functions are essentiall y the same. The onl y distin g uishin g features are related to the different actuators and valves the y are e q ui pp ed with, which are electronicall y controlled b y the central unit of the vehicle. So t h at, use d toget h er t h e proper e l ectronic simu l ator contro ll ing t h ese new a dd e d devices, an y test stand allows the correct calibration of these t yp es of in j ection pumps. In je ctionPower's p roduct ran g e is the sole able to p ermit calibration of Bosch, Lucas and Zexel makers with calibration data and maximum flexibilit y.

3. - turbo charger pressure (0-1.6 BAR) They are all 1% precision scale, glycerol and 100 mm diameter. CONTROLLED PARAMETERS To maintain the test fluid viscosity within prescribed limits, the test stand is equipped with a system to heat and cool the liquid and maintain its temperature at 40±1 °C. A specific 0-99.9 display indicates the temperature of the test liquid. A 2-stages filter (5μ) constantly clean the calibration liquid. The use of test fluid complying the ISO 4113 normative, as supplied with the test bench, is strictly recommended. EASY INSPECTION AND SERVICING In order to allows the maximum certainty of work without problems during the development process, all the features were dimensioned wider than necessary, so that maintenance of the SPP test stand is really minimal: service is limited to change calibration liquid and filters! The SPP test stand complies with the EU directives for user's safety as during work as during service (CE marking). BODY AND DESIGN SPP design is really simple: during development, all the efforts were focused to the functionality rather than to the style. The body is a steel structure, closed by removable panels for inspection and service. The test bench bed is a cast iron for high stability, during tests. The working plane is self-draining, with a proper recovery collector (20 litres capacity), separated from the main tank (35 litres capacity, for a total capacity of 55 litres). SPP TEST BENCHES for diesel fuel injection pumps TORQUE GRAPH FOR 5,5 AND 7,5 kW TORQUE GRAPH FOR 9,2 AND 11 kW 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 RPM Nm 1050 2100 1575 2 9 4 0 33.5 50.3 25.1 5.5 kW 17.8 7.5 kW 68.2 34.1 45.4 24.2 120 100 80 60 40 20 RPM Nm 1050 2100 1575 2940 55.5 87.5 41.7 9.2 kW 29.8 11 kW 108 36.7 51.4 68.5 n test in j ectors t yp e III Brackets for B pumps (1 pair) Brackets for A p um p s ( 1 pair ) Brackets for P pumps (1 pair) Column for fast fixing of the pump CAV joint driving Joint cone 25 Joint cone 20 Joint cone 17 G raduated test tube ( 0-1500 cc ) Tools for heigh adjustment of the holder for the graduated glass tubes Antibackslash coupling key In j ector di sa r eato r ke y Set o f DPA a dapters Joint cover Set of screws and bolts High and low pressure flexible pipe Set of joints and bolts Set of wrenches Set of pipes for hydraulic and pneumatic tests Spare paint Calibration li q uid ISO 4113 ( 40 liters) (*) n = number of cylinders n test p i p es 6x2x600 12-14 6 test p i p es 6 x2x840 12-1 4 n test p i p es 6 x2x 6 00 14-1 4 r adle ng e for PES..A p um p s h set of rin g s . Flan g e for VE-DP A pumps ( diam. 50 mm ) Tommy bar

2. SPP test benches models are suitable to calibrate of fuel injection pumps for diesel engines requiring fuel delivery up to 600 mm³/injection/cylinder (only SPP208S and 312S; the other models up to 300) mm³/injection/cylinder at full load. An SPP test bench is a traditional solution developed as a modular base able to be upgraded with proper equipment and also make easy the testing of the new electronically controlled injection systems. The following models are available on DETEQ standard production program 8 cylinders: 12 cylinders: SPP208 (5.5 kW) SPP212 (5.5 kW) SPP308 (7.5 kW) SPP312 (7.5 kW) SPP208S (9.2 kW) SPP312S (11 kW) Each model has the following described features; on request, customized versions can be developed. STATIC CONDITIONS The supply and control of calibration fluid to the pump under test and the measurement of its performances comply the ISO 4008/2 rules, to establish appropriate conditions in the hydraulic delivery circuits and to make all the necessary measurements in order to test and adjust pumps to manufacturer's test specifications. DYNAMIC CONDITIONS One AC electric motor drives the injection pump coupling head, by a pulley and toothed beld. The speed stability of ±1 RPM is reached through the flywheel, whose inertia is 0.75-1 kg/m². The electronic unit allows to have the 200% power of the en g ine at the same s p eed, p reviousl y runnin g. This technology allows the 40% recover of the power between the pump and the engine; by this result, the SPP test stand reduces electrical consumptions (variable cost) and power installation (fixed cost), enhancing the workshop inexpensiveness. The test bench is equipped with anti-backlash coupling, with protection cover. The noise generated by the test bench itself is reduced to very low levels. CLAMPING THE PUMP HOUSING The distance between the test bench-bed top face and the centre of the test bench drive-head is 125 mm. The centring system with very restricted tolerances allows the simple and easy clamping of the pump housing and the correct alignment of the pump camshaft. The standard equipment of the SPP test stand includes brackets and flanges for the most common kinds of injection pumps; others are available on request. DRIVING THE PUMP The engine is controlled through an electronic unit allowing the speed adjustment (from 50 up to 3500 RPM), by rotating the 2-levels speed control (one for fast, the other for a more accurate) and immediate stop of the engine. The RPM digital display is 4 digits, autoranging: 0.01, 0.1, 1 RPM. The sense of rotation can be left or right, by selecting the proper command on the control panel. For high accuracy of timing test, the graduated disk presents division each 0.5-degree on the total c ir cu mf e r e n ce a nd i t i s equipped with magnifier. C ALIBRATIN G THE P U M P Pro g rammin g the testin g c y cle is reall y sim p le: b y means of the UP and DOWN ke y s, the user can increase/decrease b y multi p les of 50, u p to 1000 shots, throu g h the p ro p er 0-1000 di g ital dis p la y . Once the testin g c y cle starts, the calibration fluid is now discharged directly into the graduated glass tubes ( 0-44 cc and 0-260 cc capacity ) , for delivery measurement . When the p ro g rammed number of shots is reached, automaticall y the s y stem p revents an y more fluid from reachin g the test tubes, to let checkin g t h e level of each c y linder. To start a new test, it is necessar y to turn over the test tubes and let them drain before re-usin g. Five manometers are installed, to control : - vacuum/low pressure ( -1/0/+5 BAR ) - high pressure ( 0-60 BAR ) - transfer pressure ( 0-16 BAR ) - box pressure ( 0-2.5 BAR ) SPP TEST BENCHES for diesel fuel injection pumps THE SPP TEST BENCHES FAMILY


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