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36. Authorized dealer:

1. Modular Solutions for testing Diesel Injection Systems

34. 34 no TE s

35. 35 no TE s

10. 10 Injector Clinic is the network of qualified service centers specialized in repairing common rail and conventional diesel injectors. take care of your diesel injectors ! TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ors

11. 11 By adopting DIT31 to calibrate diesel injectors, every diesel center can be upgraded as an Injector Clinic. - T h E in JE c T or clinic This logo evidences that your diesel injectors are in good hands: qualified technicians use high tech equipment to test them and solve your problems definitely! take care of your diesel injectors !

5. 05 c hoose the DETEQ way ! DETEQ mission Everyday more, Diesel injection world looks like a labyrinth. D ETEQ is the best way to come out from the complexity to test the modern diesel fuel injection systems. DETEQ mission consists in providing a wide range of testing solutions designed to make diesel injection service easy, reliable and efficient in an ever-changing contest.

13. 13 ( Pag . 16) ( Pag . 17) ( Pag . 18) ( Pag . 19) for any TE chnology m ech A nic convention AL common r A i L e L ectrom A gnetic common r A i L piezoe L ectric m ech A nic t wo-st A ges DIT31 SYSTEM is simple, secure and easy to use. It is always ready to test all makes and models of common rail injectors, either piezoelectric and electromagnetic but not only, DIT31 is very effective in the testing of conventional and two stages mechanical injectors. univ E rsal sys TE m

9. 09 Test Equipment for servicing injectors - DIT31 - TP03 Simulation of electronic controls on pumps - ERT45R Test benches for injection pumps calibration - SPP .............................10 .............................20 ..........................22 ..............................30 Tabl E of con TE n T s Throughout the world, diesel injection specialists trust DETEQ as a qualified partner able to offer reliable test solutions. The basic equipment for a repair workshop consists of:

3. 03 DETEQ principl E s Our company principles feature the shape that makes our brand unique. They follow the mood, the atmosphere and the attitude characterising our everyday work. p assion and ini T ia T iv E Our passion and efficiency have allowed us to get reliability among the diesel Injection Specialists. Actions are more effective than words. c lari T y and rE sponsibili T y We are a family-owned company and a reliable business partner. We cooperate together with our customers and supplier with loyalty for each other interests. We aknowledge the value of our staff and establish relationships based on trust with any of them. DE sir E for knowl ED g E We take care of beeing pioneers and to anticipate the state of the art. We deal with smart systems and quick procedures and we point out the importance of the most efficient way, in choosing materials as well as in the work.

12. 12 TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ors in any in D us T ry Automotive from STANDARD 1450 BAR to HP 1600 BAR mA rine XL 1000 BAR r A i L ro AD from STANDARD 1450 BAR to XL 1000 BAR i n D ustri AL HP 1600 BAR The pumping unit is air operated (8-10 BAR). It is capable to supply stabilized and constant pressure levels for the various application ranges (Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Railroad). applica T ion rang E Cars, vans Trucks, Bulldozer Ships, Nautical Rail Transport

4. 04 Emissions levels Injection system variety DIESEL INJECTION WORLD T h E curr E n T si T ua T ion The natural evolution of Diesel technology, together with the increasing development , forced by pollution restrictions , has created a multitude of different injection systems . European emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states. Note that decreasing the level of allowed emissions, consequently increases the number of diesel injection systems available on the market .

2. 02 © 2013 DETEQ S.r.l. - Italy This catalog is, to all intents, protected by copyright, so the reproduction in part or in full of photos, drawings, etc. is prohibited. All specifications, dimensions, weights in this catalog are subject to change without notice. Diesel & Electrical Test EQuipment Diesel & Electrical Test EQuipment Diesel & Electrical Test EQuipment DETEQ is the acronym of Diesel & Electrical Test EQuipment . They are devices required for calibrating and checking functionalities and performances of diesel fuel injection systems, conventional, electronically controlled and common rail as well. +800 - DETEQCOM y

16. 16 D i T31 TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ors a vailable tests for m echanic c onventional injectors 1 - Nozzle opening pressure (NOP); 2 - Chatter; 3 - Return; 4 - Seat leackage. During the test cycle DIT31 shows opening pressure of the injector and detects the leakage time to establish the parameter of sides stability of injector. DIT31 is able to simulate any critical condition of functioning; both, with a full and minimun load. m E c hanic conv E nT ional

19. 19 D i T31 T c 38 s martcard crp m odule The test of common rail injectors with piezoelectric actuator meets the new demands of resolution and precision. Piezoelectric actuator control requires the additional CRP module to the external unit TC38 . The connection and testing mode keep unchanged from the test of an Electromagnetic common rail injector. common rail pi EZ o E l E c T ric a vailable tests for cr p iezoelectric injectors 1 - Minimum pressure; 2 - Chatter; 3 - Return; 4 - Seat leackage; 5 - Flow (K-Factor). 6 - Tempo di iniezione; 7 - Flow (dP);

18. 18 D i T31 T c 38 s martcard In common rail systems the pressure supply and the fuel injection are independent of each other. The control of the electromagnetic actuator is assigned to TC38 the external unit that, properly synchronized to DIT31 , generates the triggering command through smartcards. The detection of the flow happens at constant pressure. common rail E l E c T romagn ET ic a vailable tests for cr Electromagnetic injectors 1 - Minimum pressure; 2 - Chatter; 3 - Return; 4 - Seat leackage; 5 - Opening delay; 6 - Injection time; 7 - Flow (dP); TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ors

17. 17 D i T31 a vailable tests for m echanic Two s tages injectors 1 - Nozzle opening pressure (NOP); 2 - Chatter; 3 - Return; 4 - Seat leackage; 5 - Flow (K-Factor). DIT31 is extremely suitable for the testing of the 2-stage injectors: automatically it detects the opening pressure of the first and second spring. DIT31 also provides a benchmark index of the flow ( k factor). m E c hanic T wo s T ag E s

26. 26 TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps In general, a digital system converts real-world information to binary numeric form. In electronics, although digital representations are separate, the information represented can be either separate or continuous. This system is much more accepted by the most modern electronic control units (EC u ) , implementing more sophisticated control on the injection, in order to comply with restrictions on noise and pollutions. In particular, the accurate timing between the engine and the injection pump, together with multiple injections perfectly synchronized with the pump cam shaft allows us to recover energy and obtain a better combustion. T HE a NCILL a RY EQ u IPMENT (81.01.1 a 01) necessary for these tests on any test bench is composed of: Coupling system and Clamping bracket. The standard configuration requires it to be completed by means of the correspondent arranging kits, according the specific type of pump. D IGIT a L P u MP C O u PLING SYSTE M: The traditional coupling is split in two half’s: pump side and bench side. In this way, it is possible to install/remove the pump to/from the test bench, without affecting the phase. The proper puller is included. D igi T ally con T roll ED D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps - EQ uipm E n T -

6. 06 DETEQ solu T ions DETEQ‘s peculiarity is to design complete solutions which can be splitted in specialized reusable modules. - mo D ular solu T ions Each module is integrable with others to form versatile testing systems able to meet a variety of needs. This approach has many benefits. DETEQ s E rvic E s Consulting Acquisition of the right solutions must always be commensurate to the actual needs in a given moment, considering growth factors and the context of the buyer. D ETEQ is vocated to the help of its own customers in using the best way its products in order to reach the most suitable solution. training D ETEQ offers skills and professionalism in training to use of the starting and advanced functions of any of the solution adopted. D ETEQ T E a M is available for organizing customized courses to train in starting the repair of different diesel fuel injection systems.

8. 08 sT r E ng T h T hrough uni T y Since 2005, DETEQ joined the InjectionPower a lliance , a really strategic alliance, open to other operators. Partners share the aim of encouraging the development of new solutions to improve and sup - port the daily work of the diesel injection specialists. Subscribing the InjectionPower Alliance allows the DETEQ Custo - mers to benefit by products and services, upon completion of the test solutions. More information on InjectionPower ® The Alliance Deteq ® Diesel & Electrical Test EQuipment Marbed ® Professional diesel service tools Collaborations DETEQ supports and promotes the diesel injection specialist associa - tions in the world, such as: Moreover, DETEQ encourages the efforts of those that enhance and promote the technical and scientific culture in automotive sector .

20. 20 TP03 TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ors Specifically developed for the Diesel Fuel Injection Specialists, T p 03 is a very low cost effective means of updating any hand operated injector tester. Necessary to an accurate detection of diesel injection systems pressure and to injector leakage-time tests. T p 03 - E l E c T ronic a DD- on for pop TE s TE r Technical Specifications: - Pressure range: 0-1500 BAR - Tolerance : 0.1 BAR - Dimensions: cm 27 x 24 x 11 h - Weight: 6 kg n ote : T p 03 will not enhance the hydraulic performance of any hand operated injector tester. a vailable tests for m echanic injectors 1 - Nozzle opening pressure (1-2); 2 - Seat leackage. Hand injectors tester (not included)

7. 07 b E n E fi T s solu T ions - p E rformanc E Each module is developed for having specific features and performances. - cos T con T ainm E n T Each module can be easily replaced, updated or upgraded allowing business continuity and certainty. - op E n pla T forms The basic configuration can be adapted to the new exhigencies, by module augmentation or exclusion. g uarantee In order to keep performance, safety and reliability of every D ETEQ product, we assure two-years-long guarantee on spare parts. D ETEQ personnel is there to keep the worth of your investment and to look for the best ways to guarantee: • constant efficiency of equipments; • quickness, capillarity and quality of interventions; • clear expense of maintenace service offered. a fter-sales servi C e DETEQ Customers can count on technical assistance carried on by competent people, constantly nearby and ready to step in and solve. In detail, we offer: • Tutoring to the Customer employee; • customized service of installation, upgrade and setting; • programming of maintenance intervention and spare parts replacement.

33. 33 common flow m E asur E m E n T D igi T al flow m E asur E m E n T D v R200 is the digital module for the continuous mea - surement of the volume of flow from the diesel injection pumps. In the basic version the instrument provides the use of a single measuring cell to determine with extreme pre - cision the value of the flow Q, expressed in mm3/stroke. D v R200 also includes a sensor for detecting the speed of rotation in rpm. Alternatively it is possible to merge multiple cylinders in a single collector, to calculate the average value of flow rate. D v R200/P adds the possibility to print out the test report of the effected calibration. On request, customized versions can be developed. Once the testing cycle starts, the calibration fluid is now discharged directly into the graduated glass tubes (0-44 cc and 0-260 cc capacity), for delivery measurement. The drain operation is manual. The combination of the system of continuous reading is particularly recommen - ded during calibration of diesel injection pumps. The rapidity of the measuring cycle of the system makes D v R200 a great tool able to meet the most extreme requirements in terms of operating speed and accuracy of the values . The module D v R200 is designed to be applied on any test bench, by any ma - nufacturer. gui DE T o choosing T h E m E asur E sys TE m

24. 24 OTA MM TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps In general, an analogical signal is the representation or processing of a physical quantity by its equivalent. In particular, an electronically controlled actuator applied on diesel fuel injection pumps transforms the signal (nor - mally 0,001 Volt) supplied by the vehicle ECU into a di - splacement (in mm or angular degree) to control the fuel flow, as previously done by mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic regulators. In electronics, a signal is called analogical whenever its representing values are continuous between its relative min and max values. When applied to diesel fuel injection pumps analogical technology represents the first step to improve the fuel control, through the electronic signal. Electrical Checks: checking the electrical status of the ac - tuators and sensors is recommended, for any electronically controlled diesel fuel injection pump, especially for those ana - logically controlled. The OT a is a very easy to use interface to perform these tests. OT a (81.21.090) – just install the two test leads of the mul - timeter in any configuration. Connect the adapter cable and simply rotate the two knobs on the OT a , in order to select the necessary pin combination. MM (81.21.202 ) – any multimeter is suitable for these tests but Deteq recommends an auto ranging one with a four digit scale, with audible alarm. analogically con T roll ED D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps - op T ional s -

22. 22 TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps Every diesel injection specialist dreams of a unique sy - stem for testing Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens and Zexel electronically controlled diesel injection pumps and common rail as well. DETEQ transforms this need into reality with the new ERT45R , the Instrument able to read the signals sup - plied from different transducers and simulate the controls on actuators, just the same as any electronic control unit ( EC u ) used in the automotive industry. For each type of pump a special smartcard (micro chip programming card) , is provided in each specific opera - tional kit. Only after entering the appropriate smart card and instal - ling specific kit components, will the ERT45R load the re - ading and controlling procedures dedicated to the specific type of pump. E r T45 r sys TE m - sp E cific smar T car D -

31. 31 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 RPM Nm 1050 2100 1575 2940 33. 5 50. 3 25. 1 5.5 kW 17. 8 7.5 kW 68. 2 34. 1 45. 4 24. 2 120 100 80 60 40 20 RPM Nm 1050 2100 1575 2940 55. 5 87. 5 41. 7 9.2 kW 29. 8 11 kW 108 36. 7 51. 4 68. 5 The supply and control of calibration fluid to the pump under te st and the measurement of its performances comply the ISO 4008/2 rules, to establish appropriate conditions in the hydraulic delivery circuits and to make all the necessary measurements in order to test and adjust pumps to manufacturer’s test specifications. One a C electric motor drives the injection pump coupling head , by a pulley and toothed beld. The speed stability of ±1 RPM is reached through the flywheel , whose inertia is 0.75-1 kg/m². The electronic unit allows to have the 200% power of the rated outputfor 3 min., immediate stop and restart the engine at the same speed, previously running. This technology allows the 40% recover of the power between the pump and the engine; by this result, the SPP test stand reduces electrical consumptions (variable cost) and power installation (fixed cost), enhancing the workshop inexpensiveness. The test bench is equipped with anti-backlash couplin g, with protection cover. The noise generated by the test bench itself is reduced to very low levels. s T a T ic c on D iTion s Dy namic c on D iTion s - p E rformanc E s -

32. 32 TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps clamping T h E pump housing D riving T h E pump The distance between the test bench-bed top face and the centre of the test bench drive-head is 125 mm. The centring system with very restricted tolerances allows the simple and easy clamping of the pump hou - sing and the correct alignment of the pump camshaft. To maintain the test fluid viscosity within prescribed limits, the test bench is equipped with a system to heat and cool the liquid and maintain its temperature at 40±1 °C. A specific 0-99.9 display indicates the temperature of the test liquid. A 2-stages filter (5μ) constantly clean the calibration liquid. The use of test fluid complying the ISO 4113 normative, as sup - plied with the test bench, is strictly recommended. The standard test bench includes 2 cans of 20 liters each. The engine is controlled through an electronic unit al - lowing the speed adjustment (from 50 up to 3500 RPM), by rotating the 2-levels speed control (one for fast, the other for a more accurate) and immediate stop of the engine. T he RPM digital display is 4 digits , autoranging: 0.01 up to 99 RPM, 0.1 up to 999 RPM, 1 over 1000 RPM. The sense of rotation can be left or right, by selecting the proper command on the control panel. For high accuracy of timing test, the graduated disk presents division each 0.5-degree on the total circumfe - rence and it is equipped with magnifier . TE s T D a T a un DE r con T rol

23. 23 ERT45R SYSTEM is a single platform that brings together 16 different operating systems which can be grouped into 3 main technologies: Each type of pump requires specific tests and controls . Every ERT45R kit contains a specific equipment depen - ding on technology. univ E rsal sys TE m - sp E cific TE s T s - analogi C all Y C ontrolle D D iesel P u MP s (Pag. 24) D igitall Y C ontrolle D D iesel P u MP s (Pag. 26) C o MM on rail D iesel P u MP s (Pag. 28) PUMP BOSCH ZEXEL DELPHI BOSCH DENSO DELPHI BOSCH DELPHI DENSO SIEMENS v E/ED c v E/ h D k h , m , p , r cov E c /T cov E c f 1/ f 2 D pc - n vp 44 vr 30 E c D v 3/ v 4 E c D v 5 D p 210 cp 1 cp 3 cp 4 cp 2* D fp 1 D fp 2 hp 3 hp 4 hp 0* SIEMENS SPECIFIC TESTS P OSITION SENSOR RE a DING S PROC k ET TEETH CONTROL C ONTROL va L v E DOSING aCT ua TOR CONTROL RPM SENSOR CHEC k ING P RESS u RE va L v E CONTROL aD va NCE va L v E CONTROL T R a NSFER PRESS u RE P RESS u RE CONTROL TPS SENSOR I NJ . (SP v ) va L v E CONTROL F LOW ME a S u REMENT E LECTRIC a L PROTECTION aD va NCE va L v E CONTROL R ET u RN ME a S u REMENT T EMPER a T u RE SENSOR aD va NCE ME a S u REMENT T EST OIL TEMPER a T u RE DISPL a Y RPM SENSOR Pu MP TIMING EEPROM PROGR a MMING EC u PROGR a MMING T EMPER a T u RE SENSOR The system to focus at first stroke, on any application! *Heavy duty applications Example of specific Kit for ERT45R

21. 21 toll f ree T p 03 plugs into any hand injectors tester (Installation is a simple t-piece connection between the outlet from the pump and the injector) and it’s easy to handle, to facilitate the work on several conditions. The digital display provides a very accurate reading of pressure and time. The T p 03 is programmed to register both the first and second stage pressure automatically. Leakage time is the only effective parameter to evaluate the quality of any nozzle. The T p 03 calculates this automatically after each injection. When connected directly onto the vehicle T p 03 can also be used to test the pressure and detect leakages in common rail systems. The operator can customize the T p 03 himself: • Pressure in B a R or PSI; • Parameter for calculating leakage time. The optional printer documents test results and includes the following information: • Company details; • Test date and time; • Opening pressure of a conventional injector; • Opening pressure of the first and second spring of a two stage injector; • Leakage time. - op T ionals Printer (not included) Nozzle ope N i N g p R e SS u R e (N op 1-N op 2); S ea T lea C kage.

27. 27 The ERT45R system also applies to the diesel injection pumps whose control is necessarily synchronized with the shaft position, by adding to the base unit, the specific additional equipment and the appropriate operating kit. D IGIT a L P u MP C L a MPING BR a C k ET : The traditional pump clamping bracket is replaced by the specially designed device, keeping all the features of the traditional system, but it is equipped with an angle sensor allowing the necessary accuracy of the 0,1 degrees. sp E cific TE s Ts - EQ uipm E n T - BOSCH DENSO DENSO DELPHI v P44, v R30 ECD- v 3/ v 4 ECD- v 5 DP210 Y es Y es Y es - Y es Y es Y es - Y es Y es Y es - 2 st A ges 2 st A ges 2 st A ges - o n/off m odulated o n/off m odulated o n/off m odulated - Analogical /Digital Analogical /Digital Analogical /Digital Analogical /Digital 0,01° 0,01° 0,01° 0,01° - no no - no - - - Y es Y es Y es - S PROC k ET TEETH CONTROL RPM SENSOR CHEC k ING T R a NSFER PRESS u RE I NJECTION (SP v ) va L v E CONTROL aD va NCE va L v E CONTROL aD va NCE ME a S u REMENT Pu MP TIMING EEPROM PROGR a MMING EC u PROGR a MMING T EMPER a T u RE SENSOR SPECIFIC TESTS PUMP

28. 28 TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps Common rail high pressure pumps are hydraulic pumps which have to supply the fuel at the pressure levels requested by the Electronic Central Unit accor - ding to the vehicle working conditions and performance requests. Differently from other testing solutions, the selected test method is to isolate the pump from the other compo - nents of common rail systems. In this way, on any test bench, ERT45R can be used to completely control all hydraulic features of the pump, in particular the plunger efficiency, the leakage and the flow. After having proved the mechanical pump quality, it is possible to verify the operations of the electronically controlled sensor and actuators as well. The ancillary equipment necessary for the test of the common rail pumps on any test bench is composed of 3 items: • Basic Cable; • Flow Meter; • Test a ccumulator. The standard configuration requires it to be completed by means of the correspondent arranging kits, according the specific type of pump. Ba SIC Ca BLE (81.01.3765): Basic Cable for all-makes common rail pumps. FL400 F LOW M ETER (87.11.011): • Designed to measure two flow lines : delivery to the rail and return by the pressure control valve. • Measuring range up to 180 lt/h • Stabilized measuring system • Plug to connect the device to ERT45R universal control unit. • BOSCH CP2 a ND DENSO HP0 requires FL400/ a (87.11.015) D i E s E l common rail high pr E ssur E pumps - EQ uipm E n T -

30. 30 toll f ree SPP test benches models are suitable to calibrate of fuel injection pumps for diesel engines requiring fuel delivery up to 600 mm³/injection/cylinder. (only SPP208S and 312S; The other models up to 300 mm³/injection/cylinder at full load). An SPP test bench is a traditional solution developed as a modular base able to be upgraded with proper equip - ment and also make easy the testing of the new elec - tronically controlled injection systems. The following models are available on DETEQ standard production program: On request, customized versions can be developed. spp s y s TE m 8 CYLINDERS : 12 CYLINDERS : SPP208 (5.5 kW) SPP212 (5.5 kW) SPP308 (7.5 kW) SPP312 (7.5 kW) SPP208S (9.2 kW) SPP312S (11 kW) 1. v ery high stability 2. Safety for the user 5. Low noise 6. 200% of the rated output for 3 min. 7. ISO 4008/1 and ISO 4008/2 compliant 3. Easy to use 4. Free maintenance T h E winning f E a T ur E s of T h E spp sys TE m: TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ion pumps

25. 25 When applied to analogically controlled diesel injection pumps requires the use of the universal control unit having been programmed by the appropriate operational kit. Electronic advance reader (81.01.1001) - By means of the proper sensor, ERT45R control unit carries out the functions of an electronic advance reader. The standard configuration includes the sensor and adapters for (Delphi DP a , DPC, DPCN, DP200, DPS and Bosch v E pumps). After having set the zero reference point, the advance value of the timing piston is displayed directly on the ERT45R screen and it can be converted into mm or degrees, according the selected reading scale. sp E cific TE s Ts - op T ional s - BOSCH BOSCH BOSCH ZEXEL ZEXEL DELPHI v E-EDC v E-HD k H,M,P,R CO v EC-T CO v EC F1/F2 DPC-N Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es - Y es - On/off Modulated On/off Modulated - On/off Modulated On/off Modulated On/off Modulated - - - Y es Y es - Y es Y es Y es - Y es - Y es Y es - - Y es - - - Y es Y es Y es - P OSITION SENSOR RE a DING aCT ua TOR CONTROL aD va NCE va L v E CONTROL TPS SENSOR E LECTRIC a L PROTECTION T EMPER a T u RE SENSOR RPM SENSOR SPECIFIC TESTS PUMP

29. 29 a. c. b. When applied to diesel common rail high pressure pumps requires the use of the universal control unit to be programmed by the appropriate operational kit and supported by the ancillary equipment. T EST aCC u M u L a TOR (87.11.030 a ): a. Digital thermometer b. Pressure sensor c. Pressure control valve The test accumulator includes a master pressure control valve. sp E cific TE s T s - EQ uipm E n T - BOSCH BOSCH DELPHI DENSO DENSO SIEMENS CP1, CP3, CP4 CP2* DFP1, DFP2 HP3, HP4 HP0* SIEMENS Y es ZME Y es Y es IM v Y es Y es Y es Y es DR v Y es no no Y es no Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es Y es C ONTROL va L v E DOSING P RESS u RE va L v E CONTROL P RESS u RE CONTROL F LOW ME a S u REMENT R ET u RN ME a S u REMENT T EST OIL TEMPER a T u RE DISPL a Y SPECIFIC TESTS PUMP *Heavy duty applications

14. 14 5. 3. 2. 7. 4. 6. 8. 1 - ELECTRONIC MOD u LE DIT31 is provided with 2 displays: • p ressure: 1 BAR resolution; ± 0,1% • Time: sec = from 0,01 up to 99,9 msec = from 1/10 up to 99,9 4 - CL a MP The pneumatic vice allows to quickly clamp injectors from 10 to 32 mm diameter. Safety door makes the job even more secure. 2 - E a SY INTERF a CE Clear and useful pushbuttons that allow to choose programs and navigate through the functions. 5 - P u MPING u NIT DIT31 pumping system is pneumatically operated. Clean compressed air supply 8 - 10 BAR is required. Pressures obtained: from 700 B a R to 1600 B a R. 3 - PRINTER The built-in printer releases the test report, which is customized with company heading, including date and time. 6 - COMM a NDS DIT31 panel contains every hydraulic controls , pressure regulators, control buttons and security keys. The components are strong and durable. 7 - SPR a Y CH a MBER The quality of the spray and the action of the injection holes can be verified with reliability. The spray chamber is equipped with fume extraction and 12 volts halogen light . 8 - C a LIBR a TION FL u ID DIT31 is equipped with a 3 liters capacity main tank. To preserve the main tank filled with clean fluid, the dirty liquid is collected in a proper recovery tank with an appropriate draining surface . ISO 4113 calibration fluid is strictly required. DIT31 is the test bench for diesel injectors in compliance with ISO 8984-1 rules, that specifies the minimum requirements for the diesel injectors testing. DIT31 is able, with no additional devices, to go through with all the tests involving mechanical injectors, both conventional and two-stage. D i T31 - bas ic TE s T ing D i E s E l in JE c T ors

15. 15 5. 3. 4. 2. 4 - C a BLE Depending on the injector connection, the external unit TC38 requires specific cables. 3 - CRP MOD u LE Piezo actuator control requires the addition of CRP module to the external unit TC38 . Connection and test methods keeps unchanged contrary to the test of electromagnetic common rail injectors. 5 - MECH a NIC & HYDR au LIC I NTERF a CES Injectors differ between each other in shape, size and connections. DETEQ has introduced specific adapters that meets test requirements of all technologies. 2 - SM a RTC a RD Depending on the application, the TC38 external unit requires specific excitation cards. 1 - TC38 The electromagnetic actuator control is delegated to the external unit TC38, which once synchronized with DIT31, generates the excitement command, via smartcards The design is modular, by modifying the interfaces composition you can prepare the DIT31 to test injectors that belong to different technologies, expanding the action range of each repairer, up to the Piezoelectric injectors. Each upgrade extends the range of available tests. DETEQ C u STOMER SER v ICE is glad to assist you in choosing according to your needs. D i T31 - upgra DE s toll f ree NOZZLE OPENING PRESS u RE Y es Y es Y es Y es NOP1 NOP1-NOP2 IDLE PRESS. IDLE PRESS. CH aTTER Y es Y es Y es Y es LE a C ka GE Y es Y es Y es Y es RET u RN Y es Y es Y es Y es OPENING DEL a Y - - Y es Y es INJECTION TIME - - Y es Y es FLOW - Y es Y es Y es k -F a CTOR dP dP ava IL a BLE TESTS


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