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1. Verify Common Rail Systems Test of conventional injectors Test of two-stages injectors Electronic add-on for Pop Testers

2. C o py ri g ht © DETEQ s.r .l.® 2007-2011- all ri g hts rese rv ed CR TP03 E C U Specifically developed for the Diesel Fuel Injection Specialists, TP03 is a very cost effective means of updating any hand operated injector tester. Necessary to an accurate detection of diesel injection systems pressure and to injector leakage-time tests. Common Rail systems control TP03 plugs into any hand injectors tester (Installation is a simple t-piece connection between the outlet from the pump and the injector) and it’s easy to handle, to facilitate the work on several conditions. The digital display provides a very accurate reading of pressure and time. The operator can customize the TP03 himself: - Pressure in BAR or PSI - Parameter for calculating leakage time Technical specifications - Pressure range: 0-1500 BAR - Tolerance : 0.1 BAR - Dimensions: cm 27 x 24 x 11h - Weight: 6 kg Printed test reports The optional printer documents test results and includes the following information: - Company details - Test date and time - Opening pressure of a conventional injector - Opening pressure of the first and second spring of a two stage injector - Leakage time Conventional & Two-stages injectors Main features SP02 (not included) The TP03 is programmed to register both the first and second stage pressure automatically. Leakage time is the only effective parameter to evaluate the quality of any nozzle. The TP03 calculates this automatically after each injection. When connected directly onto the vehicle TP03 can also be used to test the pressure and detect leakages in common rail systems. Note: TP03 will not enhance the hydraulic performance of any hand operated injector tester. Authorized dealer: Electronic add-on for Pop Testers Back-leakage time Back-leakage time Nozzle opening pressure (NOP) 1st spring opening pressure 2nd spring opening pressure Hand injectors tester (not included)


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