I Buy, I Sell, I Trade - $$$


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Introduction to the Forum

This space is designed to facilitate the exchange of ERT45R equipment and related items between our community members.

Have an older model of ERT45R you'd like to sell after upgrading? Looking for a good deal on used ERT45R tools? This section is intended for you. It's also an excellent place for those searching for rare or discontinued items, or looking to trade with fellow enthusiasts.

Here's what you can expect from the Buy/Sell/Trade section:

  1. Community Engagement: Post your items for sale, trade, or purchase, and engage in discussions with fellow members.
  2. Transparency: We encourage honesty and clarity in all posts and responses.
  3. Safety: While we do not oversee transactions, we monitor this section for spam and inappropriate content to maintain a positive environment.

However, please note that while we are providing the platform for these transactions, the ERT45R Users' Group does not take responsibility for any exchanges made. All deals are made directly between the buyer and seller, and we urge all participants to exercise due diligence when making transactions.

Let's respect each other, provide accurate descriptions of the items being sold or traded, and keep our community a safe, enjoyable space for all ERT45R enthusiasts!

Enjoy the new Buy/Sell/Trade section!